Ice Cream Flavors

Jay Gee’s is a one stop shop of ice cream, toppings, cones, and everything ice cream. We offer a full line of homemade ice cream products, including both hard and soft ice cream, all made at Jay Gee’s.

Ice cream sizes include kiddie, small and large in cups or cones. You can choose from cake cones, sugar cones, waffle cones, homemade chocolate dipped cones, rainbow jimmy dipped cones, and chocolate walnut covered dipped cones.

Our sundaes come with the option of hot fudge, strawberry, pineapple, wet walnut, caramel, peanut butter, or marshmallow topping, whip cream, nuts and a cherry.

Upgrade your sundae with a brownie on the bottom to make a delicious brownie sundae.

We also make oversized banana boats that have three flavors of ice cream, a banana, three toppings, whip cream, nuts and a cherry.

Jay Gee’s offers a variety of drinks as well, including ice cream frappes, fruit frappes, Jay Gee’s rickeys, slush, and ice-cream soda floats.

You can find over sixty of our homemade ice cream flavors below.

Visit us today to find your favorite flavor.

Homemade Hard Ice Cream Flavors

• Almond Joy
• Bananas n Crème
• Banana Walnut
• Black Raspberry
• Bubble Gum
• Butter Crunch
• Butter Pecan
• Cake Batter
• Cherry Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Chocolate Almond
• Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
• Chocolate Marshmallow
• Chocolate Oreo
• Chocolate Overload
• Chocolate Peanut Butter
• Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
• Chocolate Walnut Fudge
• Coffee
• Coffee Oreo
• Coffee Brownie Chunk
• Confetti Cake Batter
• Cookie Monster
• Cotton Candy
• Coconut Chip
• Frozen Pudding
• Grapenut
• M&M Candy
• NH Black Bear
• Maple Walnut
• Milky Way
• Mint
• Chocolate Chip
• Mint Oreo

• Mississippi Mudd
• Mocha Chip
• Moose Tracks
• Orange Creamsicle
• Orange Pineapple
• Orange Sherbet
• Oreo
• Peanut Butter Fix
• Pistachio Nut
• Peppermint Stick
• Raspberry Chip
• Raspberry Oreo
• Reverse Chocolate Chip
• Rocky Road
• Rum Raisin
• Snickers
• Strawberry
• Strawberry Cheesecake
• Toll House Cookie
• Vanilla
• Vanilla Brownie
• Vanilla Caramel Cashew
• No Sugar Added Coffee
• No Sugar Added Pistachio Nut
• No Sugar Added Vanilla
• Apple Crisp (seasonal)
• Blueberry Pie (seasonal)
• Chang-A-Lang (seasonal)
• Cider Donut (seasonal)
• Easter Basket (seasonal)
• Eggnog (seasonal)
• Guinness (seasonal)
• Pumpkin (seasonal)

Homemade Yogurt Flavors

• Black Raspberry
• Chocolate Almond
• Chocolate Chip
• Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
• Coffee
• Coffee Heath
• Mint Patty
• Oreo
• Purple Cow
• Peanut Butter Passion
• Strawberry
• Vanilla
• Vanilla Almond

Soft Serve Flavors

• Vanilla
• Chocolate
• Twist
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